Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Advanced Commands: (Level 4)
Press and release the button 4 times. The transmit LED illuminates in
sets of quadruple flashes to indicate Level 4.
Full Silent Arm*
Press and release
The alarm arms, doors lock, and the siren chirps and parking lights
flash 4 times.
Press and release
Activates the vehicle Defogger circuit (if connected) while Remote Start
is activated and the parking lights flash 3 times. For convenience,
the Defogger circuit will also automatically activate 10 seconds after
remote starting if the temperature is below 55°F.
Remote Start must be active to use this feature.
Press and release
Activates (or if On, deactivates) the Aux 4 output.
* See Alarm Features for more details.
** This feature must be installed and turned on by an authorized Directed