Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Advanced Commands: (Level 3)
Press and release the button 3 times. The transmit LED illuminates in
sets of triple flashes to indicate Level 3.
Sensor Silent Arm*
Press and release
The alarm arms, doors lock, and the siren chirps and parking lights
flash 3 times.
Car finder
Press and release
The siren emits one long chirp and the parking lights flash for 10 sec-
onds. The parking light flashes stop if armed or disarmed while Car
Finder is in progress.
Smart Start**
Press and release
Activates (or if On, deactivates) Smart Start. The parking lights flash
quickly five times for On and slowly five times for Off.
System needs to be armed or Smart Start will not start the
Press and release
Activates (or if On, deactivates) the Aux 3 output.
* See Alarm Features for more details.
** See Advanced Start under Remote Start Features for more details.