Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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System Expansion Options
Controlling two vehicles (Car Select)
The remote controls can control systems in two different vehicles sav-
ing the need for multiple remote controls. This feature also allows for
customized system configurations on each vehicle that has more than
one driver. See Owner Recognition for details.
Owner recognition *
The system can be configured to recognize the remote used when
disarming and change selected features to match the remote users
preferences. Memory seat adjustment, siren chirps, passive arming,
remote button auto unlocking, alarm output duration can all be custom
set for each remote user at the time of installation.
Comfort closure *
Comfort Closure emulates turning the key in the door cylinder or hold-
ing the lock button of an OEM keyless entry. It will automatically close
the windows and sunroof on vehicles with this type of OEM conve-
nience feature.
Alarm output duration *
The length of time the siren sounds can be adjusted from 1 to 180
seconds at the time of installation.
Arming and Warn-away chirp control *
The system Arm, Disarm and Sensor Warn-away chirps can be config-
ured for those that prefer a custom silent alarm operation.
Driver door priority unlocking *
The door unlocking operation can be configured to emulate an OEM
style of driver priority unlocking for added security during disarming.
* These features must be turned on by an authorized Directed dealer.