Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Prepare the remote control for pairing:
6. Enter programming to access the Main Menu
7. Press and hold the
button for 1 second, 3 transmit LED flash-
es indicate the remote control is ready to pair.
8. Press the
The siren will chirp to confirm the system has learned the remote con-
Remote Features
From the main menu, press the button to access the remote opera-
tion features, 2 transmit LED flashes indicate the remote features menu
is accessed. Press the buttons indicated in the tables below to set the
feature option.
The remote control will flash the Transmit LED to indicate the setting.
Feature Button Press Single Flash Double Flash
Keypad Lock
Auto Off *
No function
No function No function
Car 2
Car 2 On Car 2 Off *
* Indicates default setting.
Keypad Lock
Options: Off, Auto
When Off, the buttons do not lock and always perform a com-
mand when pressed. When set to Auto, the remote buttons lock
after a 20 second lapse between button presses to prevent unin-
tentional operations.