Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Battery Information
The remote controls are powered by 1 coin cell battery (CR-2032)
that can be purchased at most retailers. When the battery begins to
weaken, the operating range will be reduced. The information and
precautions in this section can help maximize your battery’s life and
usage in providing you with many years of trouble free operation.
Low Battery Alerts
When disarming the system using a remote with a low battery the
siren will emit one additional chirp as an alert. If confirmation chirps
are programmed off, the system will still emit one chirp as an alert
when disarming.
Battery Replacement
1. Using a small
flat-head screwdriver,
insert into slot located
at the bottom of the
keypad and carefully
pry the front of the unit
2. Turn both the
unit front and circuit
board over, remove
battery from clip and