Humminbird 958c DI GPS Receiver User Manual

Sonar Menu Tab
Noise Filter
Settings: Off, Low, Medium, High 1, High 2, High 3;
Default = Low
Noise Filter adjusts the sonar Noise Filter to limit interference on the display
from sources such as your boat engine, turbulence, or other sonar devices.
The Off setting removes all filtering. Low, Medium, and High 1, High 2, High
3 settings add progressive filtering of the sonar returns. High 1, High 2, and
High 3 are useful when there is excessive trolling motor noise, but in some
deep water situations, the High settings may actually hinder your unit’s
ability to find the bottom.
Max Depth
Settings: Auto, 10 to 1500 feet; 3 to 500 meters
[International models only], Default = Auto
Max Depth controls the maximum depth of operation. When Max Depth is
set to Auto, the Fishing System will acquire bottom readings as needed
(within the capacity of the unit). When Max Depth is set to match your
fishing maximum depth, your Fishing System will not attempt to acquire
sonar data below that depth, so more detail will be shown on the screen.
NOTE: If the bottom is deeper than the Max Depth setting, the digital depth
readout will flash, indicating that the Fishfinder cannot locate the bottom.
Water Type
Settings: Fresh, Salt (shallow), Salt (deep);
Default = Fresh
Water Type configures your unit for operation in fresh or salt water. In salt
water, you can also choose the shallow or deep setting.
Water Type affects the accuracy of deep water depth readings. In salt water,
what would be considered a large fish might be 2 to 10 times bigger than a
large fish in fresh water (depending on the type of fish you are seeking). The
salt water setting allows for a greater range in fish size adjustment to
account for this difference.
Max Depth controls the down beam reading. The SI Range (Side Imaging®
Range) controls the side beams and down beam reading at the same time.
If SI Range is set to a deeper range than the Max Depth setting, your
898c SI Combo or 998c SI Combo will default to the SI Range setting. For
example, if you set the Max Depth to 50 feet and then set the SI Range to
150 feet, your unit will acquire bottom readings from 150 feet (see Side
Imaging® X-PressMenu: SI Range).