Humminbird 958c DI GPS Receiver User Manual

Sonar Menu Tab
Surface Clutter
Settings: Low = 1 to High = 10; Default = 5
Surface Clutter adjusts the filter that removes surface clutter noise caused
by algae and aeration. The lower the setting, the less surface clutter will be
Settings: Clear Mode, Max Mode; Default = Clear
SwitchFire™ controls how the sonar returns are displayed in the Sonar
Choose Max Mode to see only raw sonar returns on the display. When Max
Mode is selected, you will see the maximum sonar information available
within the transducer beam, so more fish arches and better jig tracking are
Choose Clear Mode to see less clutter and more fish size accuracy on the
display. When Clear Mode is selected, the clutter is filtered, and sonar
returns are interpreted to provide more details about the objects within the
transducer beam, regardless of their location. In other words, a large arch on
the display means a large fish has been detected.
Surface Clutter