Humminbird 958c DI GPS Receiver User Manual

Start-Up Options Menu
Use Simulator to learn how to use your Fishfinder before taking your boat
on the water. The Simulator is a very powerful tool that provides a randomly-
updated display which simulates on the water operation.
We recommend going through this manual while using the Simulator, since
all of the menus function and affect the display in the same way as they
would in Normal operation. Any menu changes you make will be saved for
later use.
A message will appear often on the display to indicate Simulator
To exit Simulator, power off your Fishing System.
NOTE: It is important to select Simulator manually from the Start-Up Options
Menu as opposed to letting the Fishing System enter Simulator automatically (as
it will if a transducer is not connected and you do nothing during power up).
System Status
Use System Status to view system connections and to conduct a unit self-
After you select System Status from the Start-Up Options Menu, press the
VIEW key to display the following options:
• Self Test
• Accessory Test
• GPS Diagnostic View
To exit System Status, power off your Fishing System.
Self Test displays results from the internal diagnostic self test, including unit
serial number, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) serial number, software revision,
total hours of operation, and the input voltage.
Self Test Screen