Humminbird 958c DI GPS Receiver User Manual

Side Imaging® X-Press™ Menu
Contrast: Accents the light and dark parts of the Side Imaging® data
to provide greater definition. (1-20, Default = 10)
Sharpness: Filters the view and sharpens the edges of the Side
Imaging® data. (Low (L), Medium (M), High (H), Default = Off)
Contour Mode: Controls how the water column is displayed in the
Side Imaging® Views. In the normal display with the Contour Mode
off, the water column is displayed on the view. The location of a
target on the display is based on the slant range to the target.
When Contour Mode is turned on, the bottom is graphed at a
constant point on the display, regardless of changes in depth. The
Side Imaging® beams are divided by a vertical line. The water column
is removed from the view, which allows the display to show targets
at their linear horizontal distance. The location of a target may be
easier to interpret when the water column is removed. (Off, On;
Default = Off)
NOTE: If both SI Range Lines and Contour Mode are turned on, the SI Range
Lines will remain on the display, but the individual range numbers are not
available (see Sonar Menu Tab: SI Range Lines).
SI Range
Settings: 6 to 360 feet, or 2 to 120 meters
[International Models only], Default = 150 feet, 50
SI Range sets the deepest range that will displayed in the Side Imaging®
views. The range must be set manually.
Chart Speed
Settings: 1- 10, where 1 = Slow, 10 Fastest,
Default = 5
Chart Speed determines the speed at which the side sonar information
moves down the display, and consequently the amount of detail shown. A
faster speed shows more information in the Side Imaging® Views and is
preferred by most anglers; however, the sonar information moves across the
display quickly. A slower speed keeps the information on the display longer,
which allows you to see an entire area.
SI Colors
Settings: Blue, Amber 1, Amber 2, Brown, Green,
Inverse, Gray, Green/Red, Default = Blue
SI Colors allows you to select which color palette you would like to use for
the Side Imaging® display.
Choose a low range number to focus on a shorter distance of the water
column and see greater detail on the screen. Choose a higher range number
to view farther into the water and see an overview of details on the screen.