Humminbird 958c DI GPS Receiver User Manual

Menu Quick Tips
User Mode (Normal or Advanced)
Menu options can be simplified or expanded by setting your Fishing System
User Mode to Normal or Advanced.
Normal Mode is provided for users who want greater simplicity and fewer
menu choices.
Advanced Mode is provided for users who want the highest level of control
over the Fishing System. Several menu settings are added to the Main Menu
when the User Mode is changed to Advanced. Advanced mode is the default
setting when you first power on your Humminbird® Fishing System.
To change the User Mode setting:
1. Press the MENU key twice to access the Main Menu.
2. Press the RIGHT Cursor key until the Setup tab is selected.
3. Press the DOWN Cursor key to highlight User Mode on the Setup
main menu.
4. Press the LEFT or RIGHT Cursor keys to change the User Mode
setting. (Normal, Advanced, Default = Advanced)
NOTE: Any changes madewhile in AdvancedMode will remainin effect after
you switch back to Normal Mode.
For example, the Select Readouts menu option is available when the User
Mode is set to Advanced. If you change the Select Readouts settings while
operating in Advanced User mode, the Select Readouts you choose will
continue to display on the screen even if you switch back to Normal User
998c SI
Sonar Tab, Normal Mode
998c SI
Sonar Tab, Advanced Mode