Humminbird 958c DI GPS Receiver User Manual

Setup Menu Tab
From any view, press the MENU key twice to
access the tabbed Main Menu, then press
the RIGHT Cursor key until the Setup tab is
NOTE: Menu options will vary depending on
which accessories are attached to the unit.
NOTE: Menu options can be expanded or
simplified by setting the User Mode to
Advanced or Normal. See Main Menu: User
Mode for details.
Units - Depth
Settings: Domestic Models: Feet, Fathoms;
International Models: Meters; Default =
Units - Depth selects the units of measure for all depth-related readouts.
Units - Temp
(International only)
Settings: Celsius, Fahrenheit; Default = Celsius
Units - Temp selects the units of measure for all temperature-related
readouts. International Models only.
Units - Distance
(with Speed input only)
Settings: Domestic Models: Statute Miles, Nautical
Miles, Default = Statute Miles; International
Models: Meters/Kilometers, Meters/Nautical
Miles, Feet/Statute Miles, Feet/Nautical Miles,
Default = Meters/Kilometers
Units - Distance selects the units of measure for all distance-related
readouts, and will appear in the menu if a Temp/Speed Accessory is
connected and the paddlewheel has moved at least once, or if the GPS
Receiver is connected.
Setup Menu
Setup Menu Tab