Humminbird 958c DI GPS Receiver User Manual

Start-Up Options Menu
Accessory Test lists the accessories connected to the system.
NOTE: The speed accessory will be detected only if the paddlewheel has moved
since your Fishing System was powered up.
GPS Diagnostic View shows a sky chart and numerical data from the GPS
receiver. The sky chart shows the location of each visible GPS satellite with
its satellite number and a signal strength bar. A dark gray bar indicates that
the satellite is being used to determine your current position. A light gray bar
indicates that the satellite is being monitored, but is not yet being used.
This view also reports the current position, local time and date, and other
numeric information. The current GPS Fix Type is reported as No Fix, 2D Fix,
3D Fix, or Enhanced. An Enhanced fix has been augmented using
information from WAAS, EGNOS, or MSAS. A 3D or Enhanced Fix is required
for navigation. HDOP (the Horizontal Dilution of Precision) is a GPS system
parameter which depends on the current satellite configuration. HDOP is
used to calculate the Estimated Position Error.
NOTE: This view is only available when a GPS Receiver is attached to the
control head.
GPS Diagnostic View
Sky Chart Current Latitudeand Longitude
Satellite Being Monitored
Satellite Being Used
Accessory Test Screen