KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Design 1-cyliner 4-stroke engine, water-cooled
Displacement (Every 450 models) 449.3bcm³ (27.418bcubin)
Displacement (Every 530 models) 510.4bcm³ (31.147bcubin)
Stroke (Every 450 models) 63.4bmm (2.496bin)
Stroke (Every 530 models) 72bmm (2.83bin)
Bore 95bmm (3.74bin)
Compression ratio 11,9:1
Idle speed 1550… 1650brpm
Control 4 valves controlled via rocker arm, drive via tooth/wheel chain
Valve diameter, intake 39.5bmm (1.555bin)
Valve diameter, exhaust 31.7bmm (1.248bin)
Valve clearance
Outfeed at: 20b°C (68b°F) 0.12… 0.17bmm (0.0047… 0.0067bin)
Infeed at: 20b°C (68b°F) 0.10… 0.15bmm (0.0039… 0.0059bin)
Crankshaft bearing 2 grooved ball bearings
Conrod bearing Needle bearing
Piston pin bearing not a bearing bush - DLC-plated piston pins
Pistons Forged light alloy
Piston rings 1 compression ring, 1 oil scraper ring
Engine lubrication Pressure circulation lubrication with 2 rotor pumps (engine) / 1
rotor pump (transmission)
Primary transmission 33:76
Clutch Multidisc clutch in oil bath / hydraulically activated
Transmission ratio
1st gear 14:36
2nd gear 17:32
3rd gear 19:28
4th gear 22:26
5th gear 24:23
6th gear 26:21
Generator 12bV, 150bW
Ignition Contactless controlled fully electronic ignition with digital igni-
tion adjustment, type Kokusan
Spark plug NGK LK AR 8A - 9
Spark plug electrode gap 0.8… 0.9bmm (0.031… 0.035bin)
Cooling Water cooling, permanent circulation of coolant by water pump
Starting aid Electric starter / kickstarter
Capacity - engine oil
Engine oil 0.6bl (0.6bqt.) Engine oil (SAE 10W/50) ( P. 114)
Capacity - gear oil
Gear oil 0.9bl(1bqt.) Engine oil (SAE 10W/50) ( P. 114)