KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Important maintenance work to be carried out by an authorized KTM workshop.
S3N S15A S30A
Engine Change the engine oil and oil filter and clean the engine oil screen. ( P. 79)
Change the gear oil and clean the gear oil screen. ( P. 82)
Replace spark plug.
Check and adjust valve clearance.
Check engine mounting screws for tightness.
Clean spark plug connectors and check for tightness.
Check that the screws in the shift lever and the kickstarter are tight.
Carburetor Check carburetor connection boots for cracks and leakage.
Check vent hoses for damage and routing without sharp bends.
Check idle. •••
Attachments Check the cooling system for leakage.
Check the antifreeze and coolant level. ( P. 71)
Check the exhaust system for leakage and looseness.
Check Bowden cables for damage, smooth operation and routing without sharp
Check the fluid level of the hydraulic clutch. ( P. 75)
Clean the air filter. ( P. 75)
Check cables for damage and routing without sharp bends.
Check that the electrical equipment is functioning properly.
Check the headlamp setting.
Brakes Check the front brake linings. ( P. 57)
Check the rear brake linings. ( P. 61)
Check the brake discs. ( P. 55)
Check the front brake fluid level. ( P. 56)
Check the rear brake fluid level. ( P. 60)
Check brake lines for damage and leakage.
Check the free play of the hand brake lever. ( P. 55)
Check the free play of the foot brake lever. ( P. 59)
Check brake system function.
Check screws and guide bolts of brake system for tightness.
Chassis Check shock absorber and fork for leakage and functioning.
Clean dust boots of fork legs. ( P. 39)
Bleed fork legs. ( P. 38)
Check swingarm bearing. ••
Check play of steering head bearing. ( P. 39)
Check all screws to see if they are tight.
Wheels Check the spoke tension. ( P. 67)
Check rim run-out.
Check the tire condition. ( P. 66)
Checking the tire air pressure. ( P. 66)
Check the chain wear. ( P. 52)
Check the chain tension. ( P. 51)
Clean the chain. ( P. 50)
Check wheel bearing for play.
Clean and grease adjusting screws of chain adjuster.
S3N: After 3 service hours
S15A: Every 15 service hours / after every race
S30A: Every 30 service hours