KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Important maintenance work to be carried out by an authorized KTM workshop. (as additional order)
Competition use Hobby use J1A J2A
S15A S30A S45A S30A S60A S90A
Carry out a complete fork service. ••
Carry out a complete shock absorber service.
Grease the steering head bearing. ( P. 46) ••
Clean and adjust carburetor. ••
Treat electric contacts with contact spray. ••
Change hydraulic clutch fluid. ( P. 76) ••
Change the front brake fluid. ••
Change the rear brake fluid. ••
Clean spark arrestor. (EXC-RbUSA, XCR-WbUSA)
Check wear of clutch discs.
Check the clutch.
Check/measure the cylinder.
Change the piston.
Check the camshaft.
Change the camshaft bearing.
Check the lower valve spring retainer.
Check the cylinder head.
Check the valves.
Check the valve springs.
Check the radial clearance of the rocker arm rollers.
Check the timing chain tensioner function.
Check the balancer shaft.
Check the crankshaft run-out on the bearing pin.
Change conrod bearing.
Change the crankshaft main bearing.
Check the transmission.
Check the shift mechanism.
Check the spring length of the oil pressure regulator
Change glass fiber yarn filling of main silencer.
Replace foot brake cylinder seals.
Check the carburetor components.
S15A: Every 15 service hours / after every race
S30A: Every 30 service hours
S45A: Every 45 service hours
S60A: Every 60 service hours
S90A: Every 90 service hours
J1A: annually
J2A: every 2 years
Important checks and maintenance work to be carried out by the rider.
Check the engine oil level. ( P. 79)
Check the front brake fluid level. ( P. 56)
Check the rear brake fluid level. ( P. 60)
Check the front brake linings. ( P. 57)
Check the rear brake linings. ( P. 61)
Check and adjust Bowden cables.
Bleed fork legs. ( P. 38)
Clean dust boots of fork legs. ( P. 39)