KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Cleaning motorcycle
Material damageDamage and destruction of components by high-pressure cleaning equipment.
Never clean the vehicle with high-pressure cleaning equipment or a strong water-jet. The excessive pressure can penetrate electri-
cal components, connects, Bowden cables, and bearings, etc., and can damage or destroy these parts.
Environmental hazardProblem materials cause environmental damage.
Dispose of oil, grease, filters, fuel, cleaning substances, brake fluid, batteries, etc. according to regulations.
If you clean the motorcycle regularly, its value and appearance are maintained over a long period.
Avoid direct sunshine on the motorcycle during cleaning.
Before you clean the motocycle, seal the exhaust system to prevent penetration by water.
First remove coarse dirt particles with a gentle water spray.
Spray very dirty areas with a normal motorcycle cleaner and then clean with a paintbrush.
Motorcycle cleaner ( P. 115)
Use warm water containing normal motorcycle cleaner and a soft sponge.
After rinsing the motorcycle with a gentle water spray, allow it to dry thoroughly.
Empty the carburetor float chamber. ( P. 78)
Danger of accidentsReduced braking due to wet or dirty brakes.
Clean or dry dirty or wet brakes by riding and braking gently.
After cleaning, ride the vehicle a short distance until the engine warms up, and then apply the brakes.
The heat produced causes water at inaccessible positions in the engine and the brakes to evaporate.
Push back the protection covers on the handlebar instruments to allow water to evaporate.
After the motorcycle has cooled off, oil or grease all moving parts and bearings.
Clean the chain. ( P. 50)
Treat bare metal parts (except for brake discs and exhaust system) with anti-corrosion materials.
Cleaning and polishing materials for metal, rubber and plastic ( P. 115)
Treat all painted parts with a mild paint polish.
High-luster polish for paint ( P. 116)
To prevent electrical problems, treat electric contacts and switches with contact spray.
Contact spray ( P. 116)
Lubricate the steering lock.
Universal oil spray ( P. 115)