KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Faults Possible cause Measure
Engine turns but does not start. Water in carburetor or jets blocked Clean carburetor.
Engine has no idle. Idling jet blocked Clean carburetor.
Adjusting screws on carburetor distorted Have the carburetor adjusted.
Spark plug defective Change spark plug.
Ignition system defective Have ignition system checked.
Engine does not speed up. Carburetor running over because float
needle dirty or worn
Have carburetor checked.
Loose carburetor jets Have carburetor checked.
Electronic ignition adjustment defective Have ignition system checked.
Engine has too little power. Fuel feed interrupted Check tank vent.
Clean fuel tap.
Clean carburetor.
Air filter very dirty Clean the air filter. ( P. 75)
Exhaust system leaky, deformed or too lit-
tle glass fiber yarn filling in main silencer
Check exhaust system for damage.
Change glass fiber yarn filling of main
Valve clearance too little Have valve clearance adjusted.
Electronic ignition adjustment defective Have ignition system checked.
Engine stalls or is popping into the carbu-
Lack of fuel Clean and check the fuel system and
Engine takes in bad air Check rubber sleeves and carburetor
for tightness.
Engine overheats. Too little coolant in cooling system Check the cooling system for leakage.
Check the coolant level. ( P. 72)
Too little air stream Switch off engine when standing.
Radiator fins very dirty Clean radiator fins.
Foam formation in cooling system Drain the coolant. ( P. 72)
Refill the coolant. ( P. 73)
Bent radiator hose Replace the radiator hose.
Thermostat defective Have thermostat removed and checked.
Opening temperature: 70b°C (158b°F)
Defect in radiator fan system
Have the radiator fan system checked.
High oil consumption Engine vent hose bent Route the vent hose without bends or
replace it if necessary.
oil level too high Check the engine oil level. ( P. 79)
Engine oil too thin (low viscosity) Change the engine oil and oil filter and
clean the engine oil screen. ( P. 79)
Battery discharged Battery is not charged by generator Check electrical system.
Speedometer values deleted (time, stop
watch, lap times)
The battery in the speedometer ist empty. Change the battery in the speedometer.