KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Advice on first use
Danger of accidentsDanger from inadequate traffic experience.
Do not use the vehicle if you are inexperienced or if you have consumed alcohol or drugs.
Risk of injuryRisk of injury by missing/inadequate protective clothing.
Wear protective clothing (helmet, boots, gloves, pants and jacket with protectors) every time you ride the vehicle.
Danger of crashingImpairment of riding behavior due to different tire tread patterns on front and rear wheels.
The front and rear wheels must be fitted with tires with similar tread patterns to prevent loss of control over the vehicle.
Danger of accidentsCritical riding behavior due to inappropriate riding.
Adapt your riding speed to the road conditoins and your riding ability.
Danger of accidentsAccident risk caused by presence of a passenger.
Your vehicle is not designed to carry passengers. Do not ride with a passenger.
Danger of accidentsBrake system failure.
If the foot brake pedal is not released, the brake linings drag permanently. The rear brake can fail due to overheating. Take
your foot off the foot brake pedal if you do not want to brake.
Danger of accidentsUnstable riding behavior.
Do not exceed the maximum permitted weight and axle loads.
Risk of misappropriationUsage by unauthorized persons.
Never leave the vehicle while the engine is running. Secure the vehicle against use by unauthorized persons.
When using your motorcycle, remember that others may feel disturbed by excessive noise.
Make sure that the pre-delivery inspection work has been carried out by an authorized KTM workshop.
You receive a delivery certificate and the service record at vehicle handover.
Before your first trip, read the entire operating instructions carefully.
Get to know the operating elements.
adjust the basic position of clutch lever. ( P. 75)
(Every XCR-W models)
adjust the basic position of handbrake lever. ( P. 56)
(Every EXC-R models)
Adjust the free travel of the handbrake lever. ( P. 56)
Adjust the basic position of the footbrake lever. ( P. 60)
Get used to handling the motorcycle on a suitable piece of land before making a longer trip.
Offroad, you should be accompanied by another person on another machine so that you can help each other.
Try also to ride as slowly as possible and in a standing position to get a better feeling for the vehicle.
Do not make any offroad trips that over-stress your ability and experience.
Hold the handlebar firmly with both hands and keep your feet on the footrests when riding.
Do not make any changes to the motorcycle, and use only KTM approved parts.