KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Checks before putting into operation
Make sure that the motorcycle is in a perfect technical condition before use.
In the interests of riding safety, make a habit of making a general check before you ride.
Check the engine oil level. ( P. 79)
Check the chain tension. ( P. 51)
Check the chain dirt accumulation. ( P. 50)
Check the tire condition. ( P. 66)
Checking the tire air pressure. ( P. 66)
Check the front brake fluid level. ( P. 56)
Check the rear brake fluid level. ( P. 60)
Check the front brake linings. ( P. 57)
Check the rear brake linings. ( P. 61)
Check brake system function.
Check the coolant level. ( P. 72)
Check that all operating elements are correctly adjusted and free to move.
Check the functioning of the electrical equipment.
Danger of poisoningExhaust gases are poisonous and can result in unconsciousness and/or death.
When running the engine, always make sure there is sufficient ventilation, and do not start or run the engine in a closed
Engine failureHigh engine speeds in cold engines have a negative effect on the service life of the engine.
Always warm up the engine at low engine speeds.
If the motorcycle is unwilling to start, the cause can be old fuel in the float chamber. The flammable elements of the fuel
evaporate after a long time of standing.
If the float chamber is filled with fresh fuel, the engine starts immediately.
Press the starter for a maximum of 5 seconds. Wait for a least 5 seconds until trying again.
Motorcycle standing still: ุb1bweek
Empty the carburetor float chamber. ( P. 78)
Turn the handleb
of the fuel tap to the ON position. (Figureb500137-10b P. 20)
Fuel can flow from the tank to the carburetor.
Remove the motorcycle from the stand.
Shift gear to neutral.
Turn the key in the ignition switch to the positionb .
Turn the emergency OFF switch to the positionb .
Turn the emergency OFF switch to the positionb .
Engine cold
Pull choke lever out as far as possible.
Pull the choke lever to the stop.