KTM 530 EXC-R EU Motorcycle User Manual

Changing the front brake liningsb
Skin irritationsBrake fluid can cause skin irritation on contact.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and keep out of the reach of children.
If brake fluid gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and contact a doctor immediately.
Danger of accidentsReduced braking due to old brake fluid.
Have the front and rear brake fluid replaced according to the service plan in an authorized KTM workshop.
Environmental hazardProblem materials cause environmental damage.
Dispose of oil, grease, filters, fuel, cleaning substances, brake fluid, batteries, etc. according to regulations.
KTM recommends brake fluid DOTb5.1 from Motorex
. This brake fluid has a higher wet boiling point than brake fluid DOTb4
and offers more protection under high load.
Never user DOTb5 brake fluid! This is based on silicone oil and is colored purple. Oil seals and brake lines are not designed for
DOTb5 brake fluid.
Avoid contact between brake fluid and painted parts. Brake fluid attacks paint!
Use only clean brake fluid from a sealed container!
Remove the front brake linings. ( P. 58)
Move the brake fluid reservoir mounted on the handlebar to a horizontal position.
Remove screwsb
Remove coverb
with membraneb.
Press the brake piston back to its basic position and make sure that no brake fluid
overflows from the brake fluid reservoir.
Install the front brake linings. ( P. 58)
Add brake fluid to levelb
Measurement ofb
5bmm (0.2bin)
Brake fluid DOT 5.1 ( P. 114)
Check parts for damage and wear. Replace damaged or worn parts.
Position the cover with the membrane. Mount and tighten the screws.
Clean up overflowed or spilt brake fluid immediately with water.
Checking free play of foot brake lever
Danger of accidentsBrake system failure.
If there is no free travel on the foot brake pedal, pressure builds up on the rear brake in the brake system. The rear brake
can fail due to overheating. Adjust free travel on foot brake pedal according to specifications.
Disconnect springb.
Move the foot brake lever backwards and forwards between the end stop and the
foot brake cylinder piston bracket and check free playb
Free play at foot brake lever 3… 5bmm (0.12… 0.2bin)
» If the free travel does not meet specifications:
Adjust the basic position of the footbrake lever. ( P. 60)
Reconnect springb