Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area,
inside or outside of a vehicle. In a collision,
people riding in these areas are more likely to be
seriously injured or killed.
Do not allow people to ride in any area of your
vehicle that is not equipped with seats and seat
Be sure that everyone in your vehicle is in a seat
and using a seat belt properly.
NOTE: Prior to lifting either seatback to the upright
position, be sure that the seat belt is brought forward to
avoid trapping it behind the seatback.
Tumbling Rear Seat
To provide additional storage area, each rear seat can be
tumbled forward.
It is important that the front seats be pulled forward
to the midpoint of the seat track to avoid contact
between the rear seat and the front seatback. If the
front seat is not pulled forward the two seats will
make contact during the tumbling motion and cause
damage to the rear seat material. After the rear seat is
tumbled forward and secured the front seat can then
be repositioned to the preferred position.