Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Fan speeds to the right of OFF are for heater or ventila-
tion operation. The fan speed increases as you move the
control to the right from the OFF position.
Mode Control (Air Direction)
The mode control allows you
to choose from several pat-
terns of air distribution. You
can select either a primary
mode, as identified by the
symbols, or a blend of two of
these modes. The center point
between modes gives an even
blend of both modes. The
closer the control is to a par-
ticular mode, the more air distribution you receive from
that mode.
Air is directed through the outlets in the instrument
panel. These outlets can be adjusted to direct air
Air is directed through the panel and floor outlets.
NOTE: There is a difference in temperature between the
upper and lower outlets for added comfort. The warmer
air goes to the floor outlets. This feature gives improved
comfort during sunny but cool conditions.
Air is directed through the floor outlets and side
window demist outlets with a small amount
through the defrost outlet.