Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Bass and Treble Tone Control
The tone controls consist of 2 separate bands. The bass
band is on the left, and the treble band is on the right.
Each band is adjusted by a slider control with a detent at
the mid-position. Moving the control up or down in-
creases or decreases amplification of that band. The mid
position provides a balanced output.
AM/FM Selection
Press the AM/FM button to change from AM to FM. The
operating mode will be displayed next to the station
frequency. The display will show ST when a stereo
station is received in the FM mode.
Mode Button
Press the MODE button to select between the cassette
tape player, CD changer, or the Satellite Radio (if
equipped). When the Satellite Radio (if equipped) is
selected SA will appear in your radio display.
A CD or tape may remain in the player while in the
Satellite or radio mode.
Cassette Player Features
With ignition OFF and the sound system OFF, you can
eject the tape cassette by pushing the EJECT button.
You can turn the tape player ON by inserting a cassette or
activating the MODE button (with a cassette in the radio),
but only when the ignition and radio are on.
Each time a cassette is inserted the tape player will begin
playing on the side of the cassette that is facing up in the
Music Search
Pressing the SEEK button while playing a tape will start
the Music Search mode. Press the SEEK button up for the
next selection on the tape and down to return to the
beginning of the current selection, or return to the