Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Inspection of brake hoses should be done when-
ever the brake system is serviced and at every engine oil
Worn brake hoses can burst and cause brake failure.
You could have an accident. If you see any signs of
cracking, scuffing, or worn spots, have the brake
hoses replaced immediately.
Brake Master Cylinder
The fluid level in the master cylinder should be checked
when performing under hood services, or immediately if
the brake system warning lamp is on.
Be sure to clean the top of the master cylinder area before
removing the cap. If necessary, add fluid to bring the
fluid level up to the requirements described on the brake
fluid reservoir. Fluid level can be expected to fall as the
brake pads wear. Brake fluid level should be checked
when pads are replaced. However, low fluid level may be
caused by a leak and a checkup may be needed.
Brake Fluid Master Cyclinder