Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Research has shown that seat belts save lives, and they
can reduce the seriousness of injuries in a collision. Some
of the worst injuries happen when people are thrown
from the vehicle. Seat belts reduce the possibility of
ejection and the risk of injury caused by striking the
inside of the vehicle. Everyone in a motor vehicle should
be belted at all times.
Lap/Shoulder Belts
NOTE: The Lap/Shoulder belt is designed with a half
twist in the lower end of the belt. This was done by the
manufacturer to provide optimal comfort for the wearer.
If the belt webbing is twisted, and comes in contact with
the wearers body, the twisted belt should be corrected
using the Lap/Shoulder Belt Untwisting Procedure
found in this section.
All the seats in your vehicle are equipped with Lap/
Shoulder Belts.
The belt webbing retractor is designed to lock during
very sudden stops or collisions. This feature allows the
shoulder part of the belt to move freely with you under
normal conditions. But in a collision, the belt will lock
and reduce the risk of your striking the inside of the
vehicle or being thrown out.