Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Compass Calibration
If CAL is not displayed, press and hold the Left
button for 1015 seconds, until CAL appears in the
display, then release the button. The compass is now in
calibration mode.
The mirror can be calibrated in one of two ways
Drive the vehicle in circles at less then 5mph (8 km/h)
until CAL no longer appears in the display.
Drive the vehicle under normal operating conditions.
Outside MirrorDrivers Side
Adjust the outside mirror to center on the adjacent lane of
traffic, with a slight overlap of the view obtained on the
inside mirror.
Outside MirrorPassengers Side
Adjust the convex outside mirror so you can just see the
side of your vehicle in the part of the mirror closest to the
Vehicles and other objects seen in the passenger side
convex mirror will look smaller and farther away
than they really are. Relying too much on your
passenger side mirror could cause you to collide
with another vehicle or other object. Use your inside
mirror when judging the size or distance of a vehicle
seen in this convex mirror.