Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Whenever you pull a trailer, regardless of the trailer
size, stop lights and turn signals on the trailer are
recommended for motoring safety.
The automatic transaxle fluid and filter should be
changed if you REGULARLY tow a trailer for more
than 45 minutes of continuous operation. See Schedule
B in section 8 of this manual for transaxle fluid
change intervals.
NOTE: Check the automatic transaxle fluid level before
NOTE: For vehicles equipped with Autostick. By using
the Autostick modes, and selecting a specific gear range,
frequent shifting can be avoided. The highest gear range
should be selected that allows for adequate performance.
For example, choose 4 if the desired speed can be
maintained. Choose 3 or 2 if needed to maintain the
desired speed.
NOTE: Extended driving at high RPM should be
avoided to prevent excess heat generation. A reduction in
vehicle speed may be required to avoid extended driving
at high RPM. Return to a higher gear range or vehicle
speed when road conditions and RPM level allows.