Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Side Window Demisters
A side window demister outlet is at each end of the
instrument panel. These nonadjustable outlets direct air
toward the side windows when the system is in either the
FLOOR, MIX, or DEFROST mode. The air is directed at
the area of the windows through which you view the
outside mirrors.
Electric Rear Window Defroster
The push-button is located at the center of the
instrument panel, below the radio. Press this but-
ton to turn on the rear window defroster, and the
optional electric remote control heated mirrors. An amber
light shows that the defroster is on.
NOTE: The defroster turns off automatically after 10
minutes of operation. Each following activation of the
defroster will last for five minutes.
Rear Defroster Switch