Chrysler 2005 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Your motorized door or gate will open and close
while you are training the Universal Transceiver. Do
not train the transceiver if people or pets are in the
path of the door or gate. A moving door or gate can
cause serious injury or death to people and pets or
damage to objects.
2. Erase the factory test codes by pressing the two
outside buttons. Release the buttons when the light in the
Universal Transceiver begins to flash (about 20 seconds).
NOTE: Step 2 does not have to be followed to program
additional hand held transmitters.
3. Choose one of the three Universal Transceiver buttons
to program. Place the hand held controller one to three
inches from the Universal Transceiver while keeping its
indicator light in view.
4. Using both hands, press the hand held transmitter
button and the desired Universal Transceiver button. Do
not release the buttons until step 5 has been completed.
NOTE: Some entry gates and garage door openers may
require you to replace step 4 with the procedures listed
under Canadian Programming.
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