Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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Waste Water Tank Flushing:
To flush the waste water tanks:
1. Ensure that both tanks are empty.
2. Fill the black waste water tank by inserting a hose into the toilet,(be sure to step on the flush pedal,so the
flapper door stays open to prevent toilet overflow) and the grey waste water tank using the sink.
3. Dump both tanks using the procedure outlined above.
Both waste water tanks can also be flushed using a similar procedure, but rather than filling each tank using the
potable water system,they can be filled by inserting a hose directly into the sink and toilet.
NOTE: Outside shower can only be used in summer
operation mode.
The outside shower faucet is found in the small compartment
behind the large driver side storage compartment,(the
shower hose is stored in the large compartment). Remove the
shower hose from the storage compartment and attach to
the faucet spout,(see Picture G-P11).The shower hose must
be returned to the storage compartment before travel as to
prevent damage to the unit.
NOTE: Water system must be in summer operation mode.
To completely drain the fresh water system of all water:
1. Ensure that the water pump is off and that your vehicle is level.
2. Ensure that the interior tank valve is in the open position.
3. Drain the fresh water tank and the hot and cold fresh water system by opening the exterior fresh water
drain valve at the low point drain, (see Pictures on page G-9).
4. Open all water outlets including the sink faucet,aisle shower faucet,external shower faucet, and toilet
flushing pedal.The latter can be propped open or opened manually several times.This procedure allows
gravity to draw any remaining water out through the tank drains.
5. Your vehicle is equipped with a water heater, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for draining.
6. Open the sink faucet and turn on the water pump until water is no longer pumped.
7. Turn off the water pump.
If this procedure is followed, it is unnecessary to blow out the water system.Once the system is drained, be sure to
close all taps before driving.
NOTE: Do not allow water to sit in tank when vehicle is not in use.
Picture G-P11: Outside shower.Shower hose storage
when Motorhome is parked