Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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Never clean your wheels when they are hot! either from free standing in the sun, or from normal road use.
Always clean wheels when they are cool to the touch of your hand. If you spray any type of cleaning agent,
corrosive or not, they will stain a polished and chrome wheel and even some clear coated wheels. Period. No matter
how expensive they are!
Clean your wheels either early in summer mornings or dusk on summer evenings, a good practice is not to clean
them in direct sunlight.We are experiencing different UV and ambient temps,from a result of a changing ozone.
This also plays havoc on tires too!
Clean rims using mild soap and water, some strong cleaning agents will spot polished wheels every time.
Avoid car washes if possible when your wheels are hot, this could stain the wheel.
In time,due to brake and regional temps in North America, the wheels will fade from their luster, so from time to
time,use a premium polish wheel cleaner/polish to keep the natural polished finish look.
Never use steel wool or coarse abrasive pads to clean ANY wheel,it will cause permanent damage, and will not be
warranted by the wheel manufacture.
It is recommended to place Vaseline, or some type of oil based cooking grease and coat the wheels during the
harsh winter and touch them up from time to time or have a set of winter wheels and tires!