Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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02 Copyright © Hanmar Motor Corporation 2005
To disconnect the city water connection:
1. Turn off the external water source.
2. Open the sink faucet to relieve the pressure in the system, (failure to do so may result in an unexpected
3. Ensure that the city water tank fill valve is closed,(see Picture G-P5).
4. Remove the hose from the city water connection, replace the cap on fill connection.
Your vehicle is equipped with a waste water storage and dumping system that will provide adequate and effective
storage and dumping of waste water.Your vehicle should be as level as possible to allow optimal operation of the
CAUTION: Ensure that both the black and grey water gate
valves are closed,(inward position) before using the waste
water system.This applies especially after extensive driving.
Black and grey water dump valves are accessed through the
small access door located just to the rear of the driver side
Support the door in the open position by using the support
arm, (see Picture G-P7).
Waste Water Tank Preparation:
Your vehicle is equipped with two waste water tanks, the
grey waste water tank is for waste water from the sink and
aisle shower and the black waste water tank is for sewage
from the toilet.Both tanks are equipped with separate dump
valves so that each may be dumped independently.Before
use of either waste tank, be sure to read instructions
provided by the toilet manufacturer regarding waste water
chemicals.We suggest that such chemicals be used every
time to minimize build up of solids on water level sensors
inside the tanks.
CAUTION: During winter use under moderate subfreezing
conditions,(refer to pages G.9-G.12) antifreeze is required in
the exterior black and grey waste water tank. Antifreeze
should be used at a 50-50 ratio.
Picture G-P7: Access to sewer discharge assembly,
black and grey gate valve handles.
Picture G-P6: Driver side storage door.
Support arm