Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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Your vehicle is equipped with a propane system which,when properly handled and maintained,will provide
trouble and worry free operation of your propane fueled appliances.
Propane fuel is stored in a liquid state under extremely high pressure.As fuel is used, propane passes from the top
of the tank through the regulator into the gas lines and eventually to the appliances.
Although the entire system has undergone extensive factory and dealer testing for leaks,the system’s connections
and fittings are subjected to road vibrations and therefore should be checked annually for possible leaks.
Propane fuel is extremely flammable, colourless,heavier than air and smells like garlic or rotten eggs.
IF YOU SMELL GAS,extinguish any open flames, pilot lights and smoking materials immediately. Do not touch any
electrical switches. Leave vehicle, shut off the propane supply at the tank valve and open doors and windows to
provide maximum ventilation. Leave the area until the odor clears.Have the system checked and the leak corrected
before use.
Propane fuel must be turned ON to operate propane fueled appliances.
WARNING: Propane tanks shall not be placed or stored inside your vehicle. Propane tanks are equipped with safety
devices which relieve excessive pressure by discharging gas to the atmosphere.
WARNING: To reduce the danger of fire or explosion do not store gasoline or other flammable liquids inside your
WARNING: Ensure you purchase propane from a reputable propane facility.Contaminated propane is a common
cause of system failure.
WARNING: Follow all recommended maintenance schedules.