Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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02 Copyright © Hanmar Motor Corporation 2005
The cloverleaf dining table is stored in the front wardrobe
closet, (see Picture B-P3 for Popular models and see
Picture B-P4 for Versatile models).Remove table leg and
place it in the floor base receptacle located in front of the
wardrobe. Place table top on top of table leg.
To use the “leaves”:
1. Pivot the table into the desired position.
2. In a seated position, with one hand on the top of
the table,use the other hand to unfold the desired
leaf to the upright position.
To return the “leaf”to its original position, follow these steps:
1. Hold the leaf with one hand.
2. With the other hand reach under the table and
carefully press on the center of the downward
facing part of the spring hinge.
3. Fold the leaf back into the stored position.
Caution: Cloverleaf dining table is heavy,lift bending knees.
Picture B-P3: Wardrobe closet showing location of
the table and table support pole,(Popular models).
Picture B-P4: Storage location of cloverleaf table,
(Versatile models).