Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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02 Copyright © Hanmar Motor Corporation 2005
BB -- 66
Remove the table leg and store.
Note:The dinette table leg is stored behind the rear closet
door, (see Picture B-P4 on page B-2).
1. The dining table is stored under the driver’s side
rear cushion, (see Picture B-P21).
REAR DINETTE TO DOUBLE BED (190-Versatile Model):
To convert the dinette into a double bed.
1. Remove table leg and store, (see Picture B-P4).
2. Place the table in centre,(see Picture B-P18).
3. Place both back rests in the centre in a tepee
position, (see Picture B-P19).
4. Push down on the top of the cushion “tepee”
until they lay flat,(see Picture B-P20).
Picture B-P21: Dining table storage.
Picture B-P19: Arrange cushions like a tepee
Picture B-P18: Placement of table top for bed.
Picture B-P20: Lay cushions flat.
Picture B-P17: Rear dinette
living setup.