Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

To recline, pull up the recline control lever below the inboard
armrest and lean back.
To slide, pull up on the slide bar located on the front of the
seat and slide the seat either forward or back,
(see Picture B-P1B).
To swivel the seats from a forward facing position to a
rearward facing position pull the swivel lever up,
(see Picture B-P1A).
Important Note: Before swiveling the seat you must be
aware of the following:
1. Ensure that the back of the seat is reclined forward,
as far as the recline control allows.
2. Slide the seat forward but not so far as to lose
clearance of the engine cover.Pull up on slide bar,
(see Picture B-P1B).
3. Put the tilt steering wheel in the downward
4. The swivel lever is located on the door side of the
seat and locks the seat in a forward facing position.
To release pull the swivel lever up and the seat
freely swivels, (see Picture B-P1A).
5. Swivel the seat to the desired position,
(see Picture B-P2).
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Picture B-P1B: View of the front of the Captain’s seat,
showing the location of the slide bar.
Picture B-P1A: View of the side of the Captain’s seat,
showing the location of the swivel lever.
Picture B-P2: Captain seats swiveled towards the
rear of the Motorhome.
Only forward facing seats equipped with factory installed seat belts are to be occupied while the vehicle is in
motion. All passengers must be seated in these seats only
with the seat belts fastened while the vehicle is in
Swivel Lever
Slide Bar