Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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Check power steering fluid level.
Check windshield washer level and wiper operation.Clean wiper blades with clean cloth dampened with
washer fluid.
Check radiator, heater and air-conditioning hose for leaks or damage.
Check for worn tires and loose wheel lug nuts.
Check parking brake system.
Check head lamp alignment.
Check lap and shoulder belts for wear and function.
Check air pressure in spare tire.
Inspect appliance vents to ensure they are free from dirt, insects, spider webs and/or nests.
Inspect black and grey water tank vents.
Clean air conditioner filter.
Thoroughly clean and wax the roof of the van.
Lubricate all door hinges, locks and latches.
Clean battery terminals (automotive and coach).
Have propane test completed by certified gas technician.
Have appliances tested and cleaned.
Wax & polish and protect exterior surfaces.
Your vehicle is equipped with a group 27 lead acid auxiliary battery.It is recommended that acid levels be checked
at least once every 3 months, every 1 month under heavy usage.
See battery manufacturers maintenance recommendations.
In order to maintain the function of the slide out battery tray you must lubricate the slides and
compartment bottom. Use of a general automotive grease is recommended.It is recommended that this be
done every 3 months when you are checking the acid levels.
The above maintenance schedule is a recommendation only. Please refer to your Chevrolet Manual for details on
the Chevrolet required maintenance schedule.
Efficient economical vehicle performance will be enhanced by utilizing this recommended maintenance.It is
strongly recommended that no repairs be made with out appropriate training, tools and safety equipment.This
could cause bodily injury, damage to the vehicle or cause the vehicle to operate improperly.
Home & Park shall not be held liable or assume any obligations or responsibilities whatsoever for any loss, damage
or injury directly or indirectly caused by,arising or resulting from, or as a consequence of the use or nonuse of the
information contained herein or the operation or non-operation of any items mentioned herein.And,finally,Home
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