Chevrolet 190 Automobile User Manual

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02 Copyright © Hanmar Motor Corporation 2005
Your vehicle’s electrical system should not be subjected to changes and / or additions to circuitry,appliances, etc.
without consulting your dealer or Home & Park for proper installation procedures.
Failure to do this could result in serious safety issues or component damage. Changes to the electrical system run
the risk of voiding the warranty.
For your convenience when camping in parks with hookups for 110V power, all our models have in the electrical
system a 110/12 volt distribution panel / inverter / charger.The inverter/charger provides 12 volt power for the 12
volt appliances and the inverter provides 110 volt power for the galley recepticale and the audio/video receptacle.
The inverter charger also charges auxiliary batteries present in the system.
See “Floor Plan & Appliance Location”for the distribution/inverter/charger location.To open the distribution panel
simply pull the access door until the cover is released. All the 110 volt breakers and 12 volt fused circuits are
identified inside the distribution panel, behind the distribution panel access door.
Your vehicle is equipped with a heavy duty 30 amp.power cord so that you can connect your electrical system to
an outside 110V power source.
The power cord is stored in the storage compartment located behind the driver side large lockable middle access
door integrated within the running boards, (see Pictures B-P30 and B-P32).
NOTICE: Do not place heavy or sharp objects on the power chord.
A 30 to 15 amp. adapter is not included with your vehicle.
NOTICE:When connecting your system to an external power source,ensure that a properly equipped,
(three pronged) and functioning receptacle is used.If any type of spark or shock is detected, disconnect
from the source immediately and do not reconnect until the problem is corrected.
All service requirements are listed in the generator owners manual.
The generator is located and accessed on the underside behind the rear axle of your vehicle.
CAUTION:When launching a boat,using your Roadtrek,it is important to know that generators must not be
submerged in water. This will permanently damage the generator. If you cannot launch without submerging the
generator, an alternate method would be to use a boat launching service.
To prevent carburetor damage, generator must be run for a minimum of 20 minutes under load monthly.
In addition to the operating instructions contained in the Manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual, the air conditioner - heat
pump should be started as follows when the optional generator is used:
1. Start the generator and run for several minutes until warm.
2. Set thermostat setting above ambient temperature.
3. Turn thermostat control to the “low cool”position.
4. Turn fan to the ON position.
5. Adjust the thermostat cooler until the compressor starts.
6. Once compressor is running adjust the thermostat to desired setting.Your vehicle should be parked
as close to level as possible to maximize the air conditioner’s efficiency.
NOTE: The heat pump may be used to warm up the motorhome on cool nights.For colder temperatures, below
40°F, (4°C) it is suggested that the furnace be used for heat.