Philips Remote Starter Remote Starter User Manual

Unplug the mains cord from the power 3.
connector at the back of the TV.
Always pull the mains cord by the plug. Do
not pull the mains cord.
Permanent hearing loss can occur if you use •
earphones or headphones at high volumes.
Though high volume may sound normal
over time, it can damage your hearing. To
protect your hearing, limit the amount of
time you use earphones or headphones at
high volume.
1�2 Screen care
Turn off and unplug the mains cord before •
cleaning the screen. Clean the screen with a
soft, dry cloth. Do not use substances such
as household cleaning agents as these may
damage the screen.
To avoid deformations or colour fading, •
wipe off water droplets as soon as possible.
Do not touch, push, rub or strike the •
screen with hard objects as this may
damage the screen permanently.
Where possible, avoid stationary images •
that remain on-screen for extended periods
of time. Examples include screen menus,
teletext pages, black bars or stock market
tickers. If you must use stationary images,
reduce the screen contrast and brightness
to avoid screen damage.
1�3 Environmental care
Recycling your packaging
The packaging of this product is intended to
be recycled. Contact your local authorities for
information on how to recycle the packaging.
Disposing your used product
Your product is manufactured with high-quality
materials and components that can be recycled
and reused. When you see the crossed-out
wheel bin symbol attached to a product, it
means the product is covered by the European
Directive 2002/96/EC:
Do not dispose your used product with
household waste. Ask your dealer for
information on how to safely dispose of the
product. Uncontrolled waste disposal harms
both the environment and human health.
Disposing used batteries
The supplied batteries do not contain
mercury or cadmium. Dispose supplied and all
other used batteries according to your local
Power consumption
The TV consumes minimal energy in standby
mode to minimise environmental impact. Active
power consumption is displayed at the back of
the TV.
For more product specifications, see the
product leaflet at