Philips Remote Starter Remote Starter User Manual

9 Troubleshooting
This section describes commonly-encountered
issues and accompanying solutions.
9�1 General TV issues
The TV does not switch on:
Unplug the mains cord, wait for one minute •
and plug in the mains again.
Verify that the mains cord is properly •
connected and that the mains are powered.
The remote control is not working
Verify that the remote control batteries •
are correctly inserted according to the +/-
Replace the remote control batteries if •
they are flat or weak.
Clean the remote control and TV sensor •
The standby light on the TV blinks red:
Turn off the TV and unplug the mains •
cord. Wait until the TV cools down before
reinserting the mains cord and turning on
the TV. If the blinking occurs again, contact
our Customer Support Centre.
You forgot your code to unlock Child
Enter ‘8888’ as described in • Section 5.8.3
Lock TV channels or connected devices (Child
The TV menu is in the wrong language
See • Section 6.1 Automatically install channels
for instructions on how to change the TV
menu to your preferred language.
When turning the TV on/off/to standby,
you hear a creaking sound from the TV
No action is required. The creaking sound •
is normal expansion and contraction of the
TV as it cools and warms up. This does not
impact performance.
9�2 TV channel issues
Previously installed channels do not
appear in the channel list:
Verify that the correct list is selected.•
The channel may have been uninstalled •
to the Rearrange menu. To access the
menu, press MENU on the remote control
and select TV Menu > Installation >
Channel installation > Rearrange.
No digital channels were found during
the installation:
Verify if the TV supports DVB-T in your •
country. See the listed countries on the
back of the TV.
9�3 Picture issues
The power indicator is on, but there is no
Verify if the antenna is connected properly.•
Verify if the correct device is selected.•
There is sound but no picture:
Verify that picture settings are correctly set. •
See Section 5.3.2 Adjust picture settings.
You receive poor TV reception from an
antenna connection:
Check that the antenna is properly •
connected to the TV.
Loud speakers, unearthed audio devices, •
neon lights, high buildings or mountains can
influence the picture quality. Try to improve
the reception quality by changing the
antenna direction or moving devices away
from the TV.