Philips Remote Starter Remote Starter User Manual

• Custom tint
If Custom is selected in the Tint menu,
follow the on-screen instructions to
change the value of:
- R-WP (Red White Point)
- G-WP (Green White Point)
- B-WP (Blue White Point)
- R-BL (Red Black Level)
- G-BL (Green Black Level)
• Pixel Plus
Enables or disables Pixel Plus, which fine
tunes each pixel to match surrounding
pixels. This produces a brilliant high-
definition image.
• HD Natural Motion
Reduces the field and line flicker and
reproduces smooth movement especially
in movies. Set the level to Maximum,
Minimum or Off.
Note D
HD Natural Motion is not available on all
models. To check availability, refer to your
• Dynamic contrast
Enhances the contrast in the picture as the
image on the screen changes.
Set the level to Minimum, Medium,
Maximum or Off. Medium is
• Noise reduction
Filters and reduces the noise in the picture.
Set the level to Minimum, Medium,
Maximum or Off.
• MPEG artefact reduction
Smoothens the transitions on digital
pictures. Switches MPEG artefact reduction
On or Off.
• Colour enhancement
Makes colours more vivid and improves the
resolution of details in bright colours.
Set the level to Minimum, Medium,
Maximum or Off.
• Active Control
Corrects all incoming signals to provide
the best picture possible. Switches Active
control On or Off.
• Light sensor
Adjusts picture settings to match lighting
conditions in the room. Switches Light
sensor On or Off.
Picture format•
See Section 5.3.4 Change picture format.
5�3�3 Use smart settings
Apart from manually adjusting picture settings,
you can use smart settings to set your TV to a
predefined picture and sound setting.
Press 1. MENU on the remote control and
select TV menu > TV settings > Reset
smart settings.
Press 2. Æ to enter the list.
Press 3. Î or ï to select one of the following
• Current
Applies manually selected picture and
sound settings.
• Standard
Applies natural picture and sound
settings suitable for most living room
• Vivid
Applies brilliant picture and sound
settings suitable for bright surroundings.
• Movie
Applies dynamic picture and sound
settings suitable for a complete
cinematic experience.
Press the green key to store your selection.4.