Philips Remote Starter Remote Starter User Manual

4�2 Watch TV
4�2�1 Switch channels
Press a number (1 to 999) or press • P +/-
on your remote control.
Press • PROGRAM +/- on the side controls
of the TV.
Press •
on the remote control to return
to the previously-viewed TV channel.
4�2�2 Switch channels (digital receiver)
Switch on the digital receiver.1.
Press 2. SOURCE on the remote control
then select the input your digital receiver is
connected to.
Press 3. OK to select the digital receiver.
Use the remote control of the digital 4.
receiver to select TV channels.
4�2�3 Adjust volume
Press • VOLUME + or - on the remote
Press • VOLUME + or - on the side
controls of your TV.
Press •
on the remote control to mute
the sound. Press
again to un-mute the
Note D
If headphones are connected, adjust
headphone volume as described in Section
5.3.5 Adjust sound settings. You must press the
MUTE button on the remote control to
mute audio from the TV speakers. Pressing
VOLUME +/- buttons turns on the TV
speakers again.
4�3 Access DVB-C and DVB-T
channel networks
If you have both DVB-C and DVB-T installed,
you can access channels from both networks.
Press 1. MENU.
Select 2. TV menu > Installation >
Installation mode.
Select 3. Cable (to access DVB-C channels)
or Antenna (to access DVB-T channels).
Switch between DVB-C or DVB-T channels 4.
as described in Section 4.2.1 Switch channels.
Note D
For instructions on how to install DVB-C
and DVB-T channels, see Section 6.1
Automatically install channels.