Philips Remote Starter Remote Starter User Manual

5�3�5 Adjust sound settings
This section describes how to adjust sound
Press 1. MENU on the remote control and
select TV menu > TV settings > Sound.
Press 2. Æ to enter the list.
Audio language
Surround mode
Headphone volume
Dual I/II
Auto volume leveling
Delta volume
Auto surround
TV settings
Settings assistant
Reset smart settings
Press 3. Î or ï to select one of the following
• Equalizer
Changes the bass and treble of the sound.
Select each bar to change a setting.
Alternatively, press the colour keys to
select a pre-defined equalizer setting:
Equalizer set to neutral.
Equalizer settings maximized for speech-
based audio.
Settings maximized for different audio
Settings maximized for music.
• Volume
Changes the volume.
Tip E
To enable or disable the
volume bar that
appears when you change the volume, press
MENU on the remote control and select
TV menu > Installation > Preferences.
Press Æ to enter the list and select Volume
bar on or Volume bar off.
• Balance
Sets the balance of the left and right
speakers to best fit your listening position.
• Audio language
Lists audio languages available for a digital
channel (unavailable on analogue channels).
• Dual I/II
If available, choose between two different
• Mono/Stereo
If stereo broadcasting is available, choose
between mono or stereo.
• Surround mode
If surround sound (Virtual Dolby Surround)
is available, enable it for more spatial sound.
• Headphone volume
Changes the volume of your headphones.
Note D
When headphones are connected, press the
MUTE button on the remote control to
mute audio from the TV speakers. Pressing
VOLUME +/- buttons un-mutes the TV
• Automatic volume leveling
Reduces sudden volume changes, for
example, during commercials or when
switching from one channel to another.
Select On or Off.
• Delta volume
Levels out volume differences between
channels or connected devices. You must
switch to the connected device before
changing the Delta volume.
• Auto surround
Automatically switches the TV to the best
surround sound mode available from a
broadcast. Select On or Off.