Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

the vehicle is raised. Have any abnormal conditions
repaired promptly. Until repaired, drive with all side
windows fully open.
Keep the liftgate closed when driving your vehicle to
prevent carbon monoxide and other poisonous ex-
haust gases from entering the vehicle.
The fuel tank filler tube has a restricting door about 2
inches (50 mm) inside the opening. If using a portable
container, it should have a flexible nozzle long enough to
force open the restricting door.
Fuel Filler Cap (Gas Cap)
The gas cap is behind the fuel filler door, on the passen-
ger’s side of the vehicle. If the gas cap is lost or damaged,
be sure the replacement cap is for use with this vehicle.
NOTE: When removing the fuel filler cap, lay the cap
tether in the hook, located on the fuel filler cap door
Gas Cap Tether Hook