Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

MMT In Gasoline
MMT is a manganese containing metallic additive that is
blended into some gasoline to increase the octane num-
ber. Gasolines blended with MMT offer no performance
advantage beyond gasolines of the same octane number
without MMT. Gasolines blended with MMT have shown
to reduce spark plug life and reduce emission system
performance in some vehicles. The manufacturer recom-
mends using gasolines without MMT. Since the MMT
content of gasoline may not be indicated on the pump,
you should ask your gasoline retailer whether or not
his/her gasoline contains MMT.
It is even more important to look for gasolines without
MMT in Canada, because MMT can be used at levels
higher than those allowed in the United States.
MMT is prohibited in Federal and California reformu-
lated gasolines.
Materials Added to Fuel
All gasoline sold in the United States is required to
contain effective detergent additives. Use of additional
detergents or other additives is not needed under normal
conditions and would result in additional cost. Therefore
you should not have to add anything to the fuel.
Fuel System Cautions
Follow these guidelines to maintain your vehicle’s
The use of leaded gas is prohibited by Federal law.
Using leaded gasoline can impair engine performance,
damage the emission control system.
An out-of-tune engine, or certain fuel or ignition
malfunctions, can cause the catalytic converter to