Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

example, you can either use the combined form voice
command ЉPhonebook New Entry,Љ or you can break
the combined form command into two voice com-
mands: ЉPhonebookЉ and ЉNew Entry.Љ Please remem-
ber, the UConnect™ system works best when you talk
in a normal conversational tone, as if speaking to some
one sitting eight feet away from you.
Voice Command Tree
Refer to “Voice Tree” at the end of this section.
Help Command
If you need assistance at any prompt or if you want to
know what your options are at any prompt, say ЉHelpЉ
following the voice on beep. The UConnect™ system will
play all the options at any prompt if you ask for help.
To activate the UConnect™ system from idle, simply
press the ’Phone’ button and follow audible prompts for
directions. All UConnect™ system sessions begin with a
press of the ’Phone’ button on the mirror.
Cancel Command
At any prompt, after the voice on beep, you can say
ЉCancelЉ and you will be returned to the main menu.
However, in a few instances the system will take you
back to the previous menu.
Pair (Link) UConnect™ System to a Cellular Phone
To begin using your UConnect™ system, you must pair
your compatible Bluetooth™ enabled cellular phone.
NOTE: The UConnect™ system use requires a cellular
phone equipped with the Bluetooth ЉHands-Free Profile,Љ
version 0.96 or higher. See
for supported phones.
To complete the pairing process, you will need to refer-
ence your cellular phone owner’s manual. One of the
following vehicle specific websites may also provide
detailed instructions for pairing with the brand of phone
that you have: