Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

To avoid damaging the electrical conductors, do not
use scrapers, sharp instruments, or abrasive window
cleaners on the interior surface of the rear window.
Labels can be peeled off after soaking with warm
Rear Wiper/Washer Switch If Equipped
A switch on the right side of the steering column controls
operation of the rear wiper/washer function. Rotating
the center of the switch forward to the ON position will
activate the wiper. Rotating the center of the switch all
the way forward will turn on the wash function. The
wash pump will continue to operate as long as the button
is pressed. Upon release, the wipers will cycle two times
before returning to the set position.
If the rear wiper is operating when the ignition is turned
OFF, the wiper will automatically return to the “Park”
position if power accessory delay is active. Power acces-
sory delay can be cancelled by opening the door, if this
happens the rear wiper will stop at its current position
and will not go to park.
Rear Wiper Switch