Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

5. The indicator light in the Universal Transceiver will
begin to flash, first slowly and then rapidly. The rapid
flashing indicates successful programming. If after 90
seconds the indicator light does not flash rapidly or goes
out, return to step 1 and repeat the procedure. To train the
other buttons, repeat steps 3 and 4. Be sure to keep your
hand held transmitters in case you need to retrain the
Universal Transceiver.
NOTE: If you do not successfully program the Uni-
versal Transceiver to learn the signal of your hand held
transmitter, refer to the Rolling Code Paragraph, or call
toll free for customer assistance at 1–800–355–3515, or
on the internet at
“Rolling Code” Programming
NOTE: If your hand held transmitter appears to pro-
gram the Universal Transceiver, but your garage door or
other device does not operate, and your device was
manufactured after 1996, your garage door opener or
other device may have a “Rolling Code” system.
On garage door openers with the “Rolling Code” feature,
the transmitter code changes after each use to prevent the
copying of your code.
To check if your device is protected by a “Rolling Code”
Check the owner’s manual for the device for mention
of “Rolling Codes”.
Press and hold the programmed button on the Univer-
sal Transceiver. If the Universal Transceiver indicator
light flashes rapidly and then stays on after 2 seconds,
the device has the “Rolling Code” feature.
To train a garage door opener (or other rolling code
equipped devices) with the rolling code feature, follow
these instructions after completing the Programming
portion of this text: