Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Window Fogging
Vehicle side windows tend to fog on the inside in mild
rainy or humid weather. To clear the windows, use the
A/C, PANEL and blower controls. Direct the panel
outlets toward the side windows. Do not use recirculate
without A/C for long periods as fogging may occur.
Interior fogging on the windshield can be quickly re-
moved by using the defrost position.
If the fogging problem persists, clean the inside window
surfaces. The cause of undue fogging may be dirt collect-
ing on the inside surface of the glass
NOTE: In cold weather, the use of the recirculate
position will cause windows to fog on the inside because
of moisture build up inside the vehicle. For maximum
defogging, use the Outside Air position.
Summer Operation
Air conditioned vehicles must be protected with a high-
quality antifreeze coolant to provide proper corrosion
protection and to raise the boiling point of the coolant for
protection against overheating. A 50% concentration is
Outside Air Intake
When operating the system during the winter months,
make sure the air intake, directly in front of the wind-
shield, is free of ice, slush, snow or other obstructions
such as leaves. Leaves collected in the air-intake plenum
may reduce air flow and plug the plenum water drains.
The blower air will heat faster in cold weather if you use
only a low blower speed for the first few minutes of
vehicle operation.
Side Window Demisters
A side window demister outlet is at each end of the
instrument panel. These nonadjustable outlets direct air