Volvo 2008 C70 Automobile User Manual

01 Safety
Inflatable Curtain (IC)
The inflatable curtain, DMIC (Door Mounted
Inflatable Curtain), is a supplement to the
SIPS system. It is fitted inside along the
driver’s and passenger side and protects
both front seat occupants. The inflatable cur-
tain is activated by sensors in the event of a
sufficiently violent collision or if the car is at
risk of overturning. When deployed, the
inflatable curtain inflates. The inflatable cur-
tain helps to prevent the driver and front seat
passenger from striking their heads on the
inside of the car during a collision. The inflat-
able curtain is deployed irrespective of
whether the roof is open or closed.
Do not screw or fit anything to the headlin-
ing, door pillars or side panels. This could
compromise the intended protection. Only
use Volvo genuine parts that are approved
for placement in these areas.
Do not load the car higher than 50 mm
under the top edge of the side windows.
Otherwise, the intended protection of the
inflatable curtain, which is concealed in the
headlining, may be compromised.
The inflatable curtain is a supplement to the
Always use a seatbelt.